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Swiss joke

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  • Swiss joke

    For this joke you have to know that people from Basel and people from Zurich do not get on well together....

    So there are these four people sitting in a train, a guy from Zurich, a guy from Basel, and oposite them a very beautiful blond woman and a nun.

    The lights in the train compartment aren't working, so when the train presently goes through a tunnel, all four of them are left sitting in the pitch black dark. Then there's the sound of a resounding slap...

    When the train comes out of the tunnel all of them can see that the Zurich guy has a bright red palm print on his cheek.

    The nun thinks: "Aha, that Zurich guy tried to kiss the blond in the dark and she defended herself. Good for her!"

    The blond thinks: "Aha, the Zurich guy obviously wanted to kiss me in the dark, but got confused and went for the nun instead. Serve him right!"

    The Zurich guy thinks: "Blast! The Basel guy must have tried to kiss the blond and in the dark she ended up hitting me instead of him."

    And the Basel guy thinks: "Hey cool, in the next tunnel I'll clobber that idiot from Zurich again!"
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    Re: Swiss joke

    I'll have to forward that one to my brother in Zurich!
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