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I went to the doctor 2

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  • I went to the doctor 2

    A guys goes to the the doctor, - the doctor says what can I do for you?

    the guys says -

    "Doc I go this problem,
    every day my alarm goes off for work - and my wife climbs on top of me and makes love to me till it's time for breakfast.

    So I got down stairs for breakfast and the Maid pulls me into the Laundry room and we make love on the washing machine.

    then I finish my breakfast, go upstairs and find my wife is waiting for me in the shower, so I make love to her again.

    When I get to work, my secretary is waiting for me on my office desk, so I make love to her before my 10am meting with my boss.

    My Boss has her own office, and I barely get through the door most days before she tears my clothes off and ravages me.

    after that I get back to my office for lunch and my secretary wants me again and again till it's home time.

    I get home and my wife and I have sex before dinner, after that, I have sex with the maid a couple of times, and then there's just enough time to eat dinner and go to bed, where I make love to my wife again all night long"

    And the doctor says
    "so whats the problem?"

    and the guy says
    "it hurts when I jerk off"
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