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Wife and the WFO

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  • Wife and the WFO

    One afternoon I was setting in the back yard drinking a beer and my wife was bending over planting weeding and planting flowers. I mentioned to her that her back side was much larger now then it was when we were married.

    She ignored me, so not knowing when to stop, I then told her I bet that her back side is larger then my WFO is. This got her mad and she left.

    Later on that evening in bed I was trying to make up to her and no matter what I tried, she just kept moving away from me.

    I then questioned her "What is your problem!" and her response was, "YOU THINK I WANT TO HEAT UP THIS BIG OLD WFO FOR JUST ONE LITTLE WEENIE?"

    Men just don't know when to keep there thoughts to themselfs
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    Re: Wife and the WFO

    I didn't understand this humour =((
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      Re: Wife and the WFO

      I think Winnie is supposed to be Weenie...

      That's gotta hurt


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        Re: Wife and the WFO

        Originally posted by san4os View Post
        I didn't understand this humour =((
        Thats funnier than the joke......
        The English language was invented by people who couldnt spell.

        My Build.