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WFOs in 'The County', ON, Canada

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  • WFOs in 'The County', ON, Canada

    Prince Edward County, a beautiful almost-island on the north shore of Lake Ontario, is Canada's newest wine (and cider) region and wood fired ovens seem to be popping up more & more at the various wineries & cider houses.

    There's a nice story about the latest one at the web address below:

    If you want to get a better sense of the region, just remove everything after the '.com' to go to the main page and peruse the various stories.

    This region really is special (beautiful beaches, huge sand dunes, great fishing & boating and, more & more, a foodie's delight) and as it's less than a 4 hour drive from where I live, I try to visit at least once a year.

    Have a look and if you're ever nearby, go!!

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    Re: WFOs in 'The County', ON, Canada

    Link didn't work - the "http" part of the address was left out. Let's see if this works: Pizza and Wine at Norman Hardie’s | Horntrip Magazine

    Yup, that got it - for me, at least
    Un amico degli amici.


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      Re: WFOs in 'The County', ON, Canada

      Darn computers!
      Thanks, Alfredo!!