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    Mary G's Artisan Breads has been chosen as a host site for this year's Doors Open Ontario Tour. The program is organized by the provincial government to allow people to visit homes, historic buildings and enterprises, like vineyards and bakeries, they would not ordinarily see.

    My oven will be on view on August 11th from 10 am to 4 pm in the thriving village of Prince Albert, Ontario. Staff will erect signs and both brochures and directions can be had in the nearby town of Port Perry. My village is 70 kms north and east of downtown Toronto and directly north of Oshawa, Ontario. There will be hearth breads on hand, and I will be baking a limited amount through the day. I'm expecting to spend most of my time explaining the mysteries of the WFO.

    Here's a link to the official site: Doors Open Ontario - Doors Open Lake Scugog-Port Perry 2007.

    It would be great if any forum members could pay a visit.

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    Re: Invitation

    that is very generous of you but I will have to take a rain check when my other half and I tour the US on a 12 month round world trip a little further down the track when we retire (really just around the corner in real terms though).
    I guess that you will be very busy and have many envious visitors.
    It might help to have a few brochures printed with this FB forum for future prospective members on hand.
    I wish you a fine day and enjoyable openning.

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      Re: Invitation

      My daughter - who is in the Culinary Arts Management program at a local collage - and I attended this event and I am pleased to report that CanuckJim was almost literally overwhelmed with success. On a picture-perfect summer's day well over a hundred people stopped by to see Jim's oven and get answers to their questions about the hows and whys of artisan baking and wood fired ovens. By the account of the local municipal councilor, it was the most successful event site in the area.

      No one knew how many visitors to expect so Jim baked about 40 loaves, which sold out in an hour - and the dozen loaves he did on a late bake were spoken for before they went in the oven! Couldn't have asked for a better result.
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        Re: Invitation

        Congratulations Jim.
        An excellent pizza is shared with the ones you love!

        Acoma's Tuscan:


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          Re: Invitation

          Thanks Jim,
          From the snow I've seen in your pics, I think I'll stay where it's a warm mid-30's. Hope your event goes well.
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