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Guatemala pizza ovens and stoves

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  • Guatemala pizza ovens and stoves

    I just returned from a 5 week long project in San Marcos la laguna, on Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala.
    We had 20+ volunteers there part of the time building masonry cook stoves for about 50 local Maya families that were still cooking over open fires.
    In between the two different groups that were building cookstoves, we also built an outdoor bread and pizza oven for Paco Real, the hotel/restaurant where we all stayed in San Marcos, in exchange for my room there for a month. He bought the materials for the oven, and is setting it up with a large roof also covering a work area now.
    We also built a smaller lakeside pizza oven for author Joyce Maynard, who offered up her home and new pizza oven for our annual fiesta.
    One of our volunteers posted some pics of the party on his "Breadhunters" website/blog.
    Bread For All
    Or go there thru
    Click on "Guatemala ovens" while you are there.

    For those of you who have never been to Guatemala, your missing an incredible experience.
    Spectacular Lake Atitlan is surrounded with small villages tucked alongside multiple volcanoes amd mountains, inhabited with wonderfull people.

    This was MOM's 9th annual stove building mission to Guatemala.
    Beside all the good stuff, it beats staying in Maine all winter.


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    Re: Guatemala pizza ovens and stoves

    Congrats.............such a worthwhile thing to do.............and a bit of time to enjoy the country.