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    It has been a while since I finished my oven and went off on my travels. It is nice to be back in England even if it has not stopped raining. I have not been away all the time and have had the oven fired up a couple of times. We lit it one Saturday morning had pizza for lunch, bread with the evening meal, cooked Sunday breakfast and then put a roast in for the evening. I was out working on the Monday and Joy (the wife) cooked a casserole in it for tea. All this from the one firing. I have not used it since but if it is that good I will be firing it throughout the winter.
    Back to our travels. We went to Transylvania, Romania and one of the places we stayed at was a small cottage in a remote village. It had no inside kitchen but it did have one outside. It had been built about five years ago. The hotplate and the very small oven were full of rubbish and had never been used. We found a shed full of wood and soon got it all working. This came in very handy as after only a couple of nights we had a huge thunderstorm that left the whole of the area without electricty for a while. When it first started we had just stopped the car to nip in a shop. The rain was that bad we could not make it back to the car. As luck would have it there was a bar next door.
    As you can see from the photos the oven was very small and not that well built but it worked.
    Before we flew back home we stayed the night in a hotel in a place called Cluj. Just across the road from the hotel was a pizza restaurant. We popped across and sat outside. Pizza is taking off in Romania and this place knew how to cook them. When the pizzas came two lots off ketchup was put on the table, one chilli flavoured. I have never been offered ketchup with pizza before but I did not have to use it. The table next to us was served next and man completly covered his own, his wife, and his childs pizza with the ketchup. He used all of the sauce from both of the containers. Mine was very good without the sauce and on the way out we found out why. The gate to the outside eating area was blocked so rather than push past we went throurgh the restaurant and out the front door. Just inside the front door was a massive WFO, burning bright and being put to very good use.
    More next time, nice to be back. Richard
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