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On the northwest corner of Tenerife in the Canary Islands is the old Canarian Pueblo of Masca, which was only more recently accessible by road built in '91.
It's an old Pirate town bullet on a ridge in the mountains that could see the Atlantic Ocean and the sister Island of La Gomera in the distance down the rough gorge.
There is a hike down the valley through the volcanic rock structures following an old trail to the beach. Reminded us of Kauai in Hawaii where they filmed King Kong.
It was a strenuous 5.5 kilometers hike down the gorge suspended between the Teno Massif on one side and the Los Gigantes cliffs on the other.
And it was another 5.5 km up....we were sore for 3 days!

There had been a fire in 2007 so much of the landscape and palms were charred. ( YouTube - Forest Fire Tenerife Aftermath Masca ) or another ( YouTube - Masca Tenerife )

I noted Vaughn was in every second picture so I did a slide show called Vaughn's hike.\

(From the geologist standpoint these were great lava formations cut through by lots of dikes.)