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Australian Pizza Oven now finished!

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  • Australian Pizza Oven now finished!

    Hi all, I've been lurking on here for some time but not said much (not had much to say but LOADS to read!)

    I've finally got my oven complete thanks to my bricklayer mate who took on the project with gusto and added some of his own ideas to the ideas I had come up with from doing research on here for some months.

    I'm pleased to say that it's a great success and holds the heat really nicely after initially going off the scale according to my infrared heat gun which goes up to 1000 deg f.

    I didn't panic when I first noticed small cracks and knew exactly what to expect thanks to all the excellent advice on here!

    So I guess that's what I'm writing this thread for, not only to show you the photos but to say a hearty "THANK YOU'' to all of you who continually post your experiences on here, it is very much appreciated!

    I have placed all the progress pictures for the project on the website I made for him (that's what I do for a living)

    For those interested in seeing them, they are here...
    Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Central Coast

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    Re: Australian Pizza Oven now finished!

    Well, at you are underway.
    It's a pity that you didn't put in a better chimney void to prevent the smoke staining your facia arched bricks. Anyway, it's now time to enjoy it!


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      Re: Australian Pizza Oven now finished!

      There is no way a bricklayer built that....!!!!!??????
      Im a been a brickie for 30+ years and would be ashamed to say that I built that..
      The English language was invented by people who couldnt spell.

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        Re: Australian Pizza Oven now finished!

        I bet it uses a mountain of wood and takes forever to heat up.