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Video of my wood-fired oven in action....

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  • Video of my wood-fired oven in action....

    For anyone interested....

    here is a little video I made of my oven in action.... Follow the link below:

    Or go to and search "pizza oven".
    Frankie G

    Wood-Fired Ovens RULE!

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    I had already seen that prior to your post here - this means you are famous! That's a great video, now I have to buy the Big Night CD. I do wonder whether you might try a bigger flame while cooking your pizza (how long is cook time?), but the finished product looks terrific, and your oven has a great finish - admirable work.


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      Thanks very much....

      A pizza takes just a couple of min... 3 tops. I like a mild flame since the flame cooks the top of the pie. Sometimes with a bigger flame, my crust will get over chared.... or as my family says... Burnt black.

      The oven was built by me and my cousin Alan giovanni. ( We followed Alan Scott's book with the exception of the slab and the enclosure... those were both my cousin's ideas.

      Thanks for the nice compliments.
      Frankie G

      Wood-Fired Ovens RULE!


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        Al does beautiful work, thanks for posting a link to his page. I also clicked through your name and found your web page with pics of your oven construction. Very nice.

        I've been using a metal strap (heavy gauge metal about 2 inches wide) as a heat shield against my coals - I had used it initially to find the arc for my dome. I think it helps to prevent burning from direct radiation from the embers to the pizza and allows me to get under the 2 minute time. There is an ash gaurd tool on the fornobravo store that would be similar. I think if the bottom is cooking faster than the top some people also raise the pizza with the paddle up into the higher part of the dome to flash cook the top - I have not tried that one yet.


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          fatto bene!

          Ciao Frankie,

          loved to see a real pizza oven in action, and the tune's just great. My wife commented on the culinary side: "look, he's using tomato PASTE!"


          PS: My first contact with YouTube, too - just heard the news of the Google buyout on Australian TV...
          "I started out with nothing, and I've still got most of it"


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            Ciao carioca....

            Thanks for the nice words... the oven is fun.

            As far as tomatoes... I use a "fresh-packed" canned tomato... I do add a litte paste to thicken... and I like the flavor as well...

            Do you have an oven?
            Frankie G

            Wood-Fired Ovens RULE!


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              Frankie G....

              I see you are located in No. Cal. Was wondering where exactly. I am from Sacramento and I am guessing you are from Bay Area. Nice oven....myself being Italian with an uncle who is a mason, I think we tend to overlook the talent these men possess. My uncle is suppose to come out and assist with the installation of the oven portion, but it looks like he might not make it after all this year. The hearth is complete and just debating if I should go ahead with the oven install myself. After seeing your video it really makes we want to finish the oven and start making some pizzas.

              Ciao per ora.