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    Hi All,

    Here are some pictures of a oven in Greve-in-Chianti.

    It used to be a big oven, must have been 5+ feet inside. Last year they tore out the old oven (you can see the remains of the dome in one of the photos) and split the space in two. On the left they made a place for grilling and on the right they installed a precast oven.

    Overview of the oven:

    Closer view

    Fire in the oven, note the grill space on the left. Also note that they saved the original arch stones and installed them above the precast oven door.

    These next pictures are taken through the rectangular hole visible in the above photo. They let you see into the enclosure. I have lightened this photo so that the old dome brick is clearly visible. The white mass on the right is the dome of the oven covered in an insulating blanket.

    I have some pictures of me using the grill (Need to get those off of my Dad's camera), but I did not use the oven....

    My Oven Thread: