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  • Temporary Brick Oven

    Technically, I'm a newbie, but this seems like the best spot for this post.
    Second- I really like those thumbnail photos, but am not used to posting like that. After this series I'll try to find out how to do that.

    I found out about this site from Countryboy after seeing his thread posted on a different site. I started the research and came across many types of ovens. A permanent build seems to be in the future, but a temporary oven could work.

    This is the spot I decided on. Away from the house enough, and still be part of the party.

    This is my Craigslist find, $50. If I had been more patient, and drove around alot, I could probably have found enough on various posts for bricks, but these were within 10 minutes and a type that would work.
    My oven (for now):

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    Re: Temporary Brick Oven

    I posted this in the wrong spot- duh!! Sorry.

    It continues here.
    My oven (for now):