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Oven Building This Week

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  • Oven Building This Week

    Oven the weekend, I painted oven frames. I use Rustoleum...Red Oxide Primer, and then Flat Black Enamel. I use a small foam roller except for some nooks and crannies where I use a small spray can.

    We built 3 wood and propane fired ovens this week. All three are sitting in the garage now.

    The ovens shown have a rectangular chamber. They are split firebrick on the inside mortared with 3 parts type S and 2 parts fireclay.

    The outside is brick veneer. Note that my wife came up with a redesign to make the oven door opening decorative. There are two full size bricks on either side of the door opening.

    These ovens are gifts...I have 2 brothers and 1 sister who will be quite happy this Christmas.

    These ovens are probably not as "good" as a full brick "Pompei", they have a much lower thermal mass, but probably much better insulation than most Pompeis do. However, I cannot ship a Pompei, or afford to give those away. These are designed to sit on the back porch right next to the propane grill.
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