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Casa2G install in Santa Barbara

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  • Casa2G install in Santa Barbara

    Nothing earth shattering in my approach. I went for a concrete counter at the same height as the oven floor - split the difference with a higher than average counter and lower than average oven (39 inches).

    Bonus we discovered while doing the first curing fires (day 2 today) is that we can see inside the dome from inside the kitchen in the house.

    outdoor kitchen - a set on Flickr


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    Re: Casa2G install in Santa Barbara

    The oven and the outdoor kitchen with the BBQ turned out nice. I checked out the photos on Flickr. I'm making an outdoor kitchen with the oven in the center of two countertops also with a BBQ grill. It seems to me (especially my wife) it has taken a long time to accomplish and I need to be done for the 4 of July. Hopefully you were finished in a reasonable time.