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  • Mount olivet

    MOUNT OLIVET is what I named my WFO

    My first attempt at finishing a WFO

    I wanted the Igloo shape as the end result. I didn't want to enclose it. I have 100 cm dome with a split iron door. I welded up a steel table and placed the dome on 2" of refractory board then formed it up and poured a concrete apron around it. Next step was covering the dome with 2" of ceramic fiibre insulation (2300 degree) and chicken wire lathe. I covered the insulation with 2" of Matrilite insulating refractory cement. I then applied acrylic stucco tinted Sundried Tomato. I was very pleased at the progress especially not having any. Experience or background working with any type of masonry. I have just applied the second coat of latex paint in "Edgy Red". It is ready for PIZZA!!!

    Build started April 22/14 to May 17/14
    South Cayuga, Ontario

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    Re: Mount olivet

    First official firing. Easily reached 850 degrees and absolutely no heat leakage thru the dome cool to the touch everywhere! Finished cooking about 11pm was still 325 degrees at 1pm the next day. I added 2" refractory board to the thin Metal door which should retain higher temps for longer durations! See pizza below! Belissimo!


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      Re: Mount olivet

      Nice one, I can't wait until my WFO is finished and I make my first Pizzas in it. Thanks for sharing.


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        Re: Mount olivet

        That's one of the cleanest designs on a door that I've's really nice!
        Old World Stone & Garden

        Current WFO build - Dry Stone Base & Gothic Vault

        When we build, let us think that we build for ever.
        John Ruskin


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          Re: Mount olivet

          Good On Ya! Stonecutter.

          The refractory board went on very simply and I obtained the desired results. 8 hours later (this morning) I was able to bake turnovers, cinnabons, and sausage patties.

          Well done, Well done indeed!


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            Re: Mount olivet


            There is a Cabinet maker not far from my house. They sell their scrap wood in orange onion bags. All the wood is Oak, Maple and Cherry. It is kiln dried, sanded smooth and cut anywhere from 6" to 14" in length. It varies from 1.5" to 4" wide and is 3/4" thick. It is clean and ideal for the WFO. I started using it for my wood fired sauna.

            Approx 30 to 40 pounds of wood per bag and for only $ 4.00 per bag! Maybe similar shops near you.