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1 Meter Corner Pompei Oven

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  • 1 Meter Corner Pompei Oven

    This is my first attempt at an oven, finished it in March of this year and it has been a blast!

    Have cooked over a hundred pizzas, a dozen slow cooked pork shoulders, chickens, and just a lot of mesquite wood. Sometimes we just fire it up to watch the fire, it has become the centerpiece of our house on the weekends and when we have company.

    I decided to build a 1 meter oven to make sure I had plenty of room to do a couple of pies at the same time. They come out so fast, I am now just doing one at a time unless we have a large amount of guests.

    I was able to review on Forno Bravo the plans, pitfalls, and basics that helped me to build the oven. If anyone is interested in the details, let me know and I will share the build details. I built with local clay fired bricks, not ceramic or oven bricks, and I made a concrete for insulation out of lava gravel around the dome and under the base. The outside is made with concrete pavers, but they dont get any real heat. I would do the chimney different if I had it to do over, just to make look nicer, but it works amazing. Notice the key stone brick at the center of my arch, it is only held in by gravity, no mortar.

    Could not be happier with the oven. You can also see the Argentine BBQ grill next to the oven, you can adjust the meat to meet the fire. I love it. Built it from scratch as well.