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The "Redgum Roarer" - brick dome oven

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  • Bacterium
    Re: The "Redgum Roarer" - brick dome oven

    As of yesterday morning it was time to finish the dome....which by the way is"
    - 1100mm diameter, internal
    - 550mm height, internal

    then I had to crawl inside and remove all the sand (used to support the "dome cap")

    All that was hard and messy naturally it was time for a beer in a nice quiet spot.


    Stage 3 = Finish Off (The plan so far)
    -Finish front outer arch and smoke chamber(in front of dome)
    -Fit stainless steel flue - 7 inch diameter
    -Render outside of dome with motar mix and mesh wire (tied to brick dome)
    -A series of small firings and some beer.......Yes I have a large stockpile of dried redgum to fire it.
    -Reasearch outer dome coating - possibly Insulcast or similar weatherproof coating
    -Section above brick base area to be rendered (stucco)

    Stage 4 = Reward
    - Cook and Eat....although this might start to happen in Stage 3

    -Install insulation underneath top slab...if required
    -Install double door to front of brick base to conceal ash box and wood/tool storage space.
    -Install pull out laminate bench top (in wood/tool storage space) - yep have a nice piece left over from kitchen reno.
    - Make an inner oven door (for baking)

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  • Bacterium
    Re: The "Redgum Roarer" - brick dome oven

    then I stuffed around with some Garden edging to get an idea on dome size/shape

    then I laid half of it up

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  • Bacterium
    Re: The "Redgum Roarer" - brick dome oven

    First it was bottom slab:

    then the brick base:

    then the top slab - complete with ash box slot:

    then I broke with convention and added a couple refactory tiles to give me a nice smooth base to cook on.

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  • Bacterium
    started a topic The "Redgum Roarer" - brick dome oven

    The "Redgum Roarer" - brick dome oven

    Hi there..... My name is Damon (Bacterium) and I'm in the process of building a dome shaped brick oven. Have only just stumbled on this site later in the process and what a great resource it is. I feel it best I "chip in" some but I'm happy to get your feedback/suggestion as well.

    Here's my story(so far) on my oven "The Redgum Roarer" - (beware sarcastic content)

    Stage 1 = Concept
    It all started over a beer with my brother - we were talking about a book written by Russel Jeavons - Building and Baking in your brick oven. This conversation then made its way around the local "bush telegraph". Time went by and it was all just talk (and beer). So, I decided I was going to be the "Guinea Pig"....and make all the "mistakes". Bought the book and read it at least twice.

    After some months discussion with the "planning manager" it seemed like she might approve the concept - IF it was built in the very rear of the back yard - plausible!!!
    Hmmm.....lets just get back to the beer and redo those concept drawings.
    After a few more months of discussion I got it "approved" adjacent the pergola area. Budget approval was set to $300.....mmm time to be resourceful.

    Out the back of my shed was enough house bricks (left by previous owner) for a base. Now I just needed the dome contents.
    Then one day down at the local tyre joint (while the car was getting a new set of rubber) I spotted nearly 2 pallets of solid red bricks - after some exchange of beer (half a carton) they were on my trailer and headed turns out they were left overs (brand new) for the tyre guys store extension some 15yrs ago... or more.

    I figured I didn't have the funds for a pre made refactory unit (starting around $2500 locally) but I could build a reasonable brick oven for pizzas and some baking work for around $300 - $500 - not perfect but a great entertaining oven.

    I then had to wait a little longer for our 3rd son to enter the world..... life (and sleep) then returned.

    Next - Stage 2 = Hard Work