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Neill's Pompeii #10

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    Re: Neill's Pompeii #10

    i live in Parkside, i am using redgum is that wood too dense and therefore causing the smoke. my forno is basically egloo shaped i will upload pic as soon as i can reduce file size.


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      Re: Neill's Pompeii #10

      hi Neil thanks here is a photo of the smoker i really dont want to put a flue on it if i can help it.


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        Re: Neill's Pompeii #10

        looks OK and if you don't really want a flue, then don't put one on.
        It really won't effect the oven performance, only smoke stain the front top section of your arch.
        Looking at your picture, the red gum in the pic seem to me too big to burn quickly and without smoke. Cut it down to around the size of the smallest piece as it will catch fire quickly and burn more fiercely than big thick lumps.
        Any wood, even green timber will burn fiercely if the fire is hot enough. I even burn eucalypt which was only 6 months from a growing tree and that burned better than the so called dry red gum at $300/ton from the wood yard, but I get the fire really hot with pine offcuts/pallet pieces and then put in the eucalypt. I also use to 3 legged wood supports to hold up the kindling and firewood so that the air can easily get into and under the fire to get it really going and use the pizza turner/lifter to remove them when I push the fire to the side and back, sweep the hearth, chuck in a few new logs and cook pizzas.
        You are welcome to come up and have a look if you want to come to Flagstaff Hill.


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