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RT's Mosaic Oven

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  • RT's Mosaic Oven

    I really like the mosaic finish on your oven RT.

    It's a traditional look and it came out great. It would be at home in Napples. Nice work.
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    Re: RT's Mosaic Oven

    Yes, RT it is truely a work of art. Great idea and execution.
    Wade Lively


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      Re: RT's Mosaic Oven

      I was looking all over yesterday for an RT thread so I can say...


      What a beautiful oven. I'm amazed.


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        Re: RT's Mosaic Oven

        Truly amazing work. You did a beautiful job.
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        Forno Tito


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          Re: RT's Mosaic Oven


          I'll add my vote: WELL DONE.

          "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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            Re: RT's Mosaic Oven

            Thanks everyone, I owe it all to the members here. What a great bunch of extremely helpful people.
            James, special thanks for starting a separate thread.



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              Re: RT's Mosaic Oven

              As an Miami native, I can practically FEEL the humidity looking at those pictures. It looks great and I am sure you will get excellent year round use. Do you think you will have any problems with rain entering through mouth of the oven? That is not a comment on your design, just a question about the massive rains you guys can get down there. Are you planning on leaving that nice door on all the time?

              Here is a link to those pictures for easy reference.

              Great work!
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                Re: RT's Mosaic Oven

                The past two weeks have been exactly what you remember, in fact its raining horizontally as I type this.
                The door will stay in place. So far as I can tell, my only problem may be wind driven from the south (summer rains are usually west to east or east to west depending on which sea breeze is stronger on any given day) so far its only rained 1-2" into the opening (no big deal) If rain does become a problem I am thinking of a type of strap on (velcro) entry cover and strap it around the chimney. That will be a project for my wife. She loves to help, especially when it involves crafting something...and not just being 'day labor'