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  • Casa 110 progress

    I have posted a photo below of my progress on my Casa 110. This project was huge, due to the addition of the patio pictured with my oven. My wife would often visit me form the top deck, 'When will it be done!" - to which I would reply 'When it is done!" - to quote Rex Harrison/Charlton Heston in the movie about the painting of the sistine chapel.... The remaining steps include painting the soffet area and the metal roof, and extending the chimney another 12" - and the big one - the stucco finish over the durorock siding. I had found a product called "Stone Mason wall finishing system" from a company called U.S.E. Hickson out of Canada that can be applied directly over durorock, but is not available in my area - too bad -no lathing, no 3 step stucco process, but if you can get it it may provide a quick and easy way to apply a textured finish. I may use the Quikrete reinforced stucco recommend in one of the posts on this forum. I Installed "rock speakers" ( you know - for playing "rock" music...and lots of Bocelli..), and recently the lava rock border on the periphery where the basil, tomatoes and cherry peppers are grown. We have made about 30 pizzas so far - this oven is awesome and highly recommended. I will post another when I do figure out the exterior finish.



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    Looks Great.


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      Wow looks awsome!

      Do you have any close ups of the oven you can post? How did you frame the stucco up to the arched brick work? Did you simply cut the cement board in that shape to fit around the brick work and then stucco it?

      PS. Here in Woodbridge, Ontario there is the company called DUROCK ALFACING INTERNATIONAL ( They sell the stucco products. I enclosed the dome of my oven using the cement board. When I went to see them they recommended a prep coat with fibremesh embedded in it and then the top coat. They have a wide variety of colours and textures available. The top coats can be trowelled on or rolled on with a paint roller depending on the look you are after.

      The fibremesh seems just like the kind you see in the cement board that holds it together. I did the prepcoat this past weekend and was amazed how easy it was to apply. I simply mixed the precoat with portland cement and trowelled it on. I then took strips of the mesh and used the trowel and pressed them into the prepcoat and smoothed it out. Started with the corners first. I then cut larger sheets of mesh and did the panels. I am going to likely do the top coat this weekend which is a premixed course product I just trowel it on.

      I know that DUROCK has retailers that carry their product so you may be able to find someone in your neighbourhood that carries the product.

      Check out my build at:


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        Well now your a few steps (and a patio) ahead of me Stan!Well done.I like the Metal Roof idea.How are your Pizzas coming out?


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          The oven is great, I like the granite landing curved to match the oven arch, that's really an elegant touch.

          Raised seam roofing is not much used around here. Could we pump you for information on how you did that? The trim around the flue looks extremely professional.

          My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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            casa 110

            Thanks for all the kind words...

            dmun - The metal roof came from "Lowes" ( like Home Depot) and was relatively inexpensive @ about $15 a sheet. Cutting it is another issue all together! , especially the radial cuts that I needed to go around the chimney - a really good recip saw and $11 diamond blade finally did the trick. I was going to go for the fancy tuscan style terra cotta roof, but living in Georgia, the metal roof matches my house more closely. I am going to paint the roof and soffets and some point.

            David - I have cooked about 29 pizzas - and they are awesome - it took me a while to learn the perfect 'heat management' technique, but I am almost there. It takes about 2 hours to come up to temp, using a mixture of hickory and oak. We are now having many parties, and people are intrigued by the whole notion of a wood fired oven in my backyard. Last Saturday night we cooked 4 pies, and then when the oven cooled to around 375f, we ran 4 loaves of olive/herb bread through in about 40 minutes.

            tdibratt - Yes, I basically cut the cement backer board to conform to the arch - but I still need to figure out the stucco - thanks for the tip - I will search your suggestions out. The product and method of application you mention is exactly what I am looking for - I will definitely consider this! Thanks!

            I have attached a closer shot of the oven, and a shot of the 4 pies we made last Saturday. ( Black olive, Sausage/peppers/onions, Prosciutto & Ricotta, Pepperoni) now I am really hungry.....


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              Oven and pizza look great!

              Bob C
              Great pizza, a cold beer,a great cigar and great idea of a great time