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Marcel's Pompeii Oven photos Part 3

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  • paulages
    i meant for my post advising the use of a multi-vaned form as a response to your lazy susan question. as for the use of the perlite layer---i don't believe such a small layer would do much to insulate. i do think that seting you floor directly on the insulating layer could be a great way to go, as dicussed in another thread.

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  • james
    Looking good. I like the idea of moving the oven back. As long as you have room for enough insulation and the upper wall in the back, you will appreciate the larger landing in the front. Good place to set things going in and out.

    I think Jim answered the vanes and lazy susan idea elsewhere.

    Don't use Perlite between the cooking floor and the hearth. You want those two layers to efficiently share heat, so you should either use clay/sand, or refractory or fireclay mortar to set the floor and get it level.

    Have fun.


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  • Marcel
    started a topic Marcel's Pompeii Oven photos Part 3

    Marcel's Pompeii Oven photos Part 3


    (M) Here is an image of the poured Insulating Hearth.

    (M) I'm off to buy the first 100 fire brick after this posting.

    (M) Be sure to check the Specs. on your local supplier's "fire brick". I had to chase down the manufacturer of Clayburn bricks, have them send me 5 Spec. sheets on 5 different refractory fire bricks they sell. The Alumina and Silica proportions varied among the 5 Specs. from 1/3 AL to 2/3 AL !

    (M) No answer yet to my questions on the use of a thin metal Lazy Susan, &/or the advisability of using Perlite instead of Fireclay-Sand for the thin, non-adhesive leveling layer under the fire brick.

    (M) Note that there are 2 pencil circles drawn on the Insulating Hearth Slab. I decided to move the igloo about 6" toward the rear to allow for a deeper entry and more unloading area at the front.

    ================================================== ======