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ultra thin shell low dome build

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  • ultra thin shell low dome build

    About 6 months ago I started building this oven with the goal of trying to get an oven that would heat up in under 30 minutes. I used splits and laid them on face, cutting every side best i could with a cheap harbor freight tile cutter to fit flush with each other. I ended up encasing the whole thing with ~1/2 of homebrew mixed with soapstone and firebrick powder that had built up from in the tile saw from all the cuts. Only had about 10 firings but so far no issues, havent got it up to temp in 30 min, mostly because my wood isnt as dry as it should be, and I havent really tried yet. Has been taking close to an hour. There is a layer of splits under the soapstone floor, so total floor thickness is around 2.5", shell is ~2" with 1" of 1:7 perlite concrete and 1" of 10:1 perlite witch i think add a little mass around the shell before the insulation.
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    Looks good, the ones I build are cast refactory, 2 thick but with 2.5 fire brick base, insulation is 4 of ceramic blanket.
    Mid season I can get up to 900f in the dome after one hour of a fierce fire but I still find they need two hours to really saturate and hold the heat.


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      How long does your floor take to heat vs your dome?, I find the soapstone actually heats up a bit slower than the bricks, im guessing because it spreads the heat more even and im bringing the entire thing up to temp where as the brick with fire on them can heat up fast, but the ones around them are still cool. The soapstone does transfer heat better, Ive found that a 650-700f soapstone seams about equivalent to cooking on 800-850+f firebrick.