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Pizza in Napoli!

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  • Pizza in Napoli!

    So much wonderful pizza, wish we could have stayed another month. We didn't go to any of the most popular places, the lines were insane. These all came from more neighborhood-type places. all with WFO's and offering their take on the DOP pizza alla Napoletana. I ate several more not captured in pictures. Not everyone followed the "rules" to the letter, many of the ovens were not quite so hot, taking 2-3 min to cook a pizza. On average the pizza was pretty darn good. My darling wife said mine was better, but I'm not sure I believe that.

    True Naples style seems to involve a very thin crust in the center that gets soaked with liquid from the tomatoes and mozzarella and is soggy by the time the pizza reaches the table. I leave my crust a little thicker in the center to avoid that problem. I found myself often eating the crust around the edge and leaving the soggy middle behind when I was too full to eat it all.

    Freshly made mozzarella, either buffala or fiore di latte, is the best. We had some killer caprese in addition to the pizzas. I've ordered up supplies and will begin trying to make my own mozzarella at home. The milk is different for sure, so we'll see how much difference freshness makes cpm[pared to Italian vs American milk.
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    Looks like you had a lot of looks amazing. Very Jealous here.
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