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38" Cast Dome Oven

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  • 38" Cast Dome Oven

    I thought I would post some pictures of my cast oven project. Thank you FB for hosting this forum I have found it to be informational and inspirational. My design ideas came together after I saw pictures of Ironpony's project here. I was unsure how to resize these pictures so hopefully they are not too small.

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    This is a lot of trouble to go to if you are just making one casting. A simple sandcastle covered in wet newspaper is far quicker. If you intend on reusing the mould a number of times then make sure you use a durable material as the casting mix is pretty hard on any mould material used.
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      Your correct David S. There are easier ways.The mould toke me two days. I wasn't planning on reusing mould. I had almost every thing I needed in scrap so the mould cost me 20$ out of pocket. I did have a blast making it. Which, to me, is the objective.


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        Nice job on mold, yes, Iron Pony did a first rate cast and mold job.
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          That is very impressive work ...good job.


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            Thank you UtahBeehiver and Lc45 (Mike).
            I have assembled dome and gallery, insulated, lathed, dried outout refractory cement, applied first coat stucco for igloo, and cooked first test pizza.
            My gallery/vent did not draft as well as I wished. I did have a bit of a wind which didn't help... I think my design of vent could use some improvement anyway. The other misstep I made which occurred to me too late was to thermally isolate galley from dome with a conductive gap.
            The up side is the oven cooked as well as I had hoped. The first pizza produced was well received by my 4, 7, and 9 year olds. Tough critics all.
            I am looking forward to making bread, pizza, and more this summer. I am thankful for the help and info this forum and it's contributers have provided. Thank you also Forno Bravo for hosting.
            I may post some more pictures when I get a chance if there is any interest.