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Western PA - 36" Progress...slooow progress

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  • Western PA - 36" Progress...slooow progress

    I started this last year. Got the slab poured and blocks up last year. Just finished the hearth pour. School starts next week, so I'm hoping to start brick work in the spring.

    New here, and reading a lot. I haven't seen this mentioned yet, but it probably is somewhere. You can easily bend 1/2" rebar by putting 2 steel pipes over each end and leaving a gap where you want the bend, and place on the ground, and pull one end of pipe up.

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    Rebar done. I was trying to figure out a way to lift the concrete with less effort, because I figured I'd end up doing it on my own. My uncle lent me the concrete mixing tub, so I built a hinged contraption to place it on and then lift up. I propped a board under it so I could shovel it out. Worked wonderfully.


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        Looking good golfball. Trust me, I know the situation of it taking forever, I think I'm about 18 months into breaking ground on mine, but slow and steady wins the race... (So they say) Now comes the fun part, no more heavy lugging around concrete bags, now it's time to get wet with some bricks.
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          Looks great. once you get the arch done the dome is not so bad you will be fine
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