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    Little tile work.
    Added some shims cut from a block wall cap to make the face of the hearth slab thicker.
    Was going to inlay the tile on the chimney but thought better of it. Constructed a little frame instead.
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      Lookin' good!!
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        Your brick work is amazing. Love your entrance and flue. Also really like the tile around your table


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          Render over dome question:
          My oven has been operational for some time now and in use weekly.
          I have 3 inches of blanked over the entire dome and another 1/2 in over the top two thirds of the dome. The dome is wrapped in stucco lath.
          Not going to enclose the oven but will build a roof over the whole thing.
          Baking is a consideration for me and the oven has been performing well at heat retention.
          I see just about all the builders putting vermicrete over blanket but I'm not sure if it's for the additional insulation or if there is another motivation. From the Forno Bravo videos I see they stucco over blanket.
          • My plan was to put about 1 inch of stucco directly over the blanket but now I'm wondering if I should do an inch of 8 or 10:1 vermicrete, then 1/2 inch or so of stucco.
          • I'll be installing a vent, but want to put it at the bottom of the dome in the back of the oven. Seems it would still perform but would it be less effective NOT at the apex of the dome?
            • I hate to put a nipple on the top of my beautiful dome. Although I do live a few miles from the San Onofre nuclear plant. So Cal residents will get this.
          I think I know the answer to my own question but If anyone has an opinion or suggestion I would love to hear it.


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            With 3.5" ceramic blanket you are probably good since you wire mesh appears to be in the final shape of the oven. Many times v/pcrete is used not only for additional insulation but to give the dome its final shape before rendering. The main reason for the vent at the apex is hot air/steam rises so it is a natural place to have the vent there but it is your choice as well. I have seen a few placed right behind the chimney as well.
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