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  • South GA 42" Build

    Welp...I introduced myself a while back and had some great oven base planning tips/help and have finished my outdoor kitchen! Now...onto the planning and starting of my 42" WFO. This is where I struggle and can usually be a ready, shoot, aim kinda person, so this planning stage is seeming quite tedious to me, however reading through all the finished builds is definitely getting me motivated and excited. Here are some pictures of my finished oven base and outdoor kitchen... and prepare for questions as I get going... :-)

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    Looking good so far. I'm doing a corner build myself and have pictures up in the "getting started" forum. What type of oven are you putting on that stand?


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      Thank you! I am thinking I need to move my build thread to that forum to get a bit more attention. A Pompeii or Dome (is that correct? Are those synonymous? ) Not a barrel I know that much.


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        The term Pompeii usually means an oven dome constructed of fire brick and mortar. Dome just refers to the general shape and could be a brick, modular, or cast oven. The Pompeii (brick) is by far the most labor intensive and requires the most attention to detail, but a labor of love for sure. Have you settled on a particular oven yet?


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          Wow! Looking great, not jealous one little bit, OK maybe a little.