Hi all,
I'm ready to begin building my wood-fired brick oven. In the past couple of months I've prepared the groundwork for it, poured the foundation and slabs and now it's crunch time.
The forum has been extremely helpful in assisting me with finding the proper materials, as far as I'm aware I have everything I need to begin.
Please take a look at the renders I've attached and let me know if you see any overt issues. It should look pretty standard as I've borrowed heavily from the forum's designs.
The bottom two layers are: a layer of 2 " foamglas board and 2 " of ceramic FB on top.
I do have a few questions about the foundation layers - do I put fire clay between them ( slab - fire clay - foamglas - fire clay- ceramic FB - fire clay - oven brick floor ) or do I dry stack them or do I do any other variation thereof? (BTW I'm using Heat Stop 50.)
Another question pertinent to those layers - watch this Aussie here put aluminum foil between the ceramic FB and the oven floor :


Any thoughts if that's something I should be doing?

Another fire clay question - my understanding is that I should use enough fireclay to fill in the gaps between the bricks but also the intent is to use as little as possible, especially toward the inner side of the dome. I'll be tapering the bricks to minimize the course to course and brick to brick gaps. I'm expecting to use a bit more fire clay toward the outside of the dome and little to none to show up on the inside. Please let me know if all of this is a correct approach/ assumption.

Lastly - what is your concrete sealer of choice and at what stage do you apply it?

I don't want to belabor this introductory post. I'm sure I'll have more questions as I go.

Thank you very much for your help.