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    Originally posted by Travelinman View Post
    Hello Mike:

    In regards to ash in between FB floor bricks:

    Does anyone use ash before firing? if I burn firewood in my house, why not put ash in spaces before the first fires?

    Just a small question...not critical.

    The ash simply is filling in gaps...not required for the curing process. Hauling ash out from the house to the newly built WFO will not aid in the curing fires...just makes an unnecessary job for you. As David pointed out above, whether you build on top of the cooking floor perimeter or around it, the oven will perform just fine as long as the cooking floor has a bit of room for movement during use (or can slide a bit). I built my dome on top of the cooking floor over 10 years ago and although I do have a couple of perimeter bricks with slightly raised edges, I have no real need to replace/repair any part of the well used oven fllor. Relax Chris...your build will be fine & fun
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