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Almost done! 30” homebrew cast

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  • Almost done! 30” homebrew cast

    Thanks to david s for his input and good advice, some of which I even followed!

    My advice are this point is not to get too worked up about the details. It’s unlikely to fall over before you die. Will probably cook you a nice pizza in the meantime.

    This is a classic 3:1:1:1 homebrew dome. I used some weird crop protectant kaolin for the clay. Nothing was measured very well. It’s a little conical— hard to get sand to make a nice hemisphere.

    But guess what? The pizzas are great.

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    Final product (for now, anyway)! Cleaned up the (recycled) red clay bricks. Scratch and final coat of stucco/render. Just gotta let it dry a few days and fire it back up.

    Don’t think I’ll paint it (or tile it) for a few weeks.