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my new sydney oven

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  • my new sydney oven

    Its been in my head for ages, so I decided to get started and build the oven, I had lots of old cement blocks lying around the place and decided they would make a good stand for my oven so i laid a foundation of concrete and got to work cementing them into a plinth, they seemed very solid and i topped them off with double sheets of compressed concrete, then i poured 3 inches of concrete with reinforcing and let it all harden up, then i layed my fire bricks and got work with the dome, i layed the first cousre to get the shape right and then filled it with river sand and shaped it to make the dome, then continued with the bricks until it was sealed up, then on with the ceramic blanket insulation and then chicken wire, and then mortar mixed with heatproof mortar mixed about 3 inches thick, then i clad the outside with sandstone I had lying around the place and put in the chimney, i'll leave it now for a week to dry out and then fire it next week and hopefully I should be cooking in the near future, any ideas or comments welcome

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    Re: my new sydney oven

    Looks cool Steptoe, let us know how it cooks.


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      Re: my new sydney oven

      Hi Steptoe, and I welcome yet another Aussie aboard.
      All looks great, I bet you can't wait to get the fires going and the pizzas in.
      Keep the pics coming, as alot of prospective members (including the ones who have built and are using their ovens) always get new ideas and enjoy the experiences of others.

      Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

      The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

      Neillís Pompeiii #1
      Neillís kitchen underway


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        Re: my new sydney oven

        G'day from Canberra...cool oven mate