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Perth Australia - My first Pizza Oven

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  • Perth Australia - My first Pizza Oven

    Well, after some very heavy solo lifting and many many barrows of cement, vermiculite, pearlite, rebar and sand we finally have our oven.
    Milestones were the foundation, slab and dome lift.
    A very satisfying build, the Pizza's and roasts are magnificent. Trying to keep the temperature constant while trying to pump out 10 Pizza's has been a challenge but keeping the flame going seems to do the trick. First three Pizza's about 90-120 seconds each, therafter 180 - 300 seconds for the rest. Floor temperature stays constant throughout the cook up so my insulation has worked well ! Now I just need to make adecent door for the baking.
    Thanks for agreat forum.

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    Re: Perth Australia - My first Pizza Oven

    Nice pictures except for the bloke posing next to the oven.
    Where did you get the materials from? Did you also build the pergola yourself?

    Looks good.

    I love watching my crust rise and change colour in my WFO.


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      Re: Perth Australia - My first Pizza Oven

      Yep, Pergola was built as a project with the kids, also after never having worked with wood,,, meant to only be up for two summers but 11 years and some very bad storms later its still standing and solid as the day it was built.

      Materials for most of the oven came from a great small company here in Bedford - Perth called "Gourmet Pizza Ovens", www.woodfiredpizzaoven.com.au very friendly people who are easy to deal with and provide lots of info & help. The flue came from Mediteranean Pizzas in Fremantle - Perth. The base/foundation made from limestone blocks and I poured the slab using a company called Concretetaxi who come and mix up/charge for exactly what you need to make the slab. The vermivulite and pearlite came from a hydroponic place in Canning Vale -Perth. The refractory cement came from Sila in Canning Vale - Perth.

      Had a couple of great Pizza's last night, Seafood supreme and a special meatlovers with antipasto veggies.
      I love this oven !

      Regards Fritz
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