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Parisian baguette recipe

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  • Parisian baguette recipe

    I want to make these baguettes which are on in the Forno Bravo wood fired bread pdf file but the recipe for the Pate Fermentee and the dough are indentical. Is this correct? If not does anyone know what the correct dough recipe is?



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    Re: Parisian baguette recipe

    Pate Fermente IS dough - OLD dough. That is why it is the SAME.


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      Re: Parisian baguette recipe

      I just made 48 baguettes for a Brewfest in Oregon and used the attached formula to great success. Since I needed 144 buns for brats for the party, I decided that making baguettes and slicing each loaf into three sections would make the best buns in the most efficient manner. I modified a formula from Hamelman to 10% whole wheat flour and was really pleased with the results. The dough is wet and needs to be treated with respect when you size and create the initial shaped pieces. I have been using Ciril Hitz's method of shaping baguettes and it works quite well...google him for his bread shaping YouTube videos they are fabulous.

      This attached formula (pdf) uses a Poolish instead of a Pate Fermentee which might work better for you. Basically a Poolish is a wet sponge and I think a better place to start for those new to these indirect fermentation methods (since few people think ahead enough to keep some "old dough" for the new batch). I like the Poolish method with whole wheat to let the flour autolyse the night before -- maximizing flavor. Also you'll be surprised by the nice oven spring from this formula...hope you like it!

      Just to put things into perspective, remember that Pate Fermentee is just bread dough with salt (usually saved from a previous batch of bread -- old dough as noted by TexasSourdough). A Poolish and a Biga do not have salt and are always the first step in the process--not from a previous bread dough.
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