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  • hootowl

    Hello to all you pizza lovers. My husband is about to finish building his second oven at our new home. He is gearing up to start inviting friends and family to a pizza party, usually around 25-30 people. In the past I have always made the dough and rolled all the pies out, however, I am asking for any advice on an easier/faster way to press the dough. Considering purchasing a dough press. Any suggestions?

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    Re: hootowl

    Once you get the hang of dough stretching, it is very quick and easy. I would highly recommend learning the technique, no need to throw it in the air, just use your fists and the back of your hands and gently stretch while turning slowly. I also believe you get a better product than if you rolled or pressed the dough out, you lose the nice crust on the outer edge.
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      Re: hootowl

      Thanks, I'm just looking for something faster. Our guests are usually salivating for their next pizza since they bake so fast and pressing the dough and loading the crust takes a few minutes. Especially with 20-30 guests. Thinking about a commercial press and did not know if anyone had any experience with one.


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        Re: hootowl

        Google 'How to slap pizza dough' and you will move into an new world.

        Worked for me.
        Cheers ......... Steve

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          Re: hootowl

          Thanks. I Sure Will.