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    When you want to include a picture in your posting, be sure to use the camera icon on the left side. This will insure that the image shows as a thumbnail in your postiing. DO NOT use the upload attachment icon on the right side. Using the upload attachment will attach the image as a file unless you specifically indicate to show it as a thumbnail.

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    Beware of using "free" third party photo sharing sites. At any time they could change their business model from add based to charging users a monthly or yearly fee to unlock the service. This has already effected the photos of many forums and blogs. Using Forno Bravo's photo sharing software for this forum is a much safer option.
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      There are two picture posting limitations of this forum's software that frequently cause problems for our newer members. As of June 2019, the limit of photos you can add to each post is six and the file size of each photo must be smaller than one megabyte (the limit is actually a bit more than 1 MB...but this is easier to remember). Most phone cameras are set to take and record photos of 2-6 MB (or more!), so you would most likely get an error if you tried to upload a phone pic directly to this site. Most modern phones do include a utility/option to reduce the picture size prior to attaching to an email, Facebook, etc. Using that will normally create a great copy of the picture that is far below the 1 MB limit.

      If you are using a "real" camera, there are several free utilities that can be downloaded to a computer and used to reduce the picture's file size. I use FastStone Photo Resizer on my Windows computer and select 800x600 pixels in the Advanced Options, Resize tab. The standard 800x600 pixel resolution is plenty to allow other viewers to see great detail on the full screen of their laptop or desktop. FastStone also allows you to rename a group of pictures which can be very handy (like renaming to FlueShots01, FlueShots02, etc. rather than the camera's naming system-- something like DSC053376, DSC053377, etc.). Most of the pictures from my digital cameras are in the 2-5 MB range and will normally be reduced to between 100-500 KB (at the 800x600 resolution), making uploads of the resized pictures to the forum quick and easy.

      Hope this helps in getting you started successfully adding build pictures to your new thread/posts.
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