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Yesterdays National Server Outage - December 9, 2016

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  • Yesterdays National Server Outage - December 9, 2016

    Hello FB Community!

    As many of you may have noticed, there was a major server outage yesterday (December 9th, 2016) that lasted for about 14 hours! At first, we thought this problem may have been isolated to us, but to our surprise, we were just one of tens of thousands of websites affected around the country.

    Thankfully everything seams to be fixed now, but here is what we know so far:

    1. At around 1PM, our network went down.

    2. We noticed that our hosting companies website was down for "maintenance", so we started calling around to see if we could identify the problem.

    3. Twitter started blowing up with customer complaints on a national level - If I had to guess, I would say at least 20k+ sites went down almost simultaneously based on the type of businesses reporting in.

    4. Now, we know server issues do happen from time to time, but we didn't expect to be down for too long based on passed experience.

    5. Following the "tweetstorm", it looks like the host identified a series of network problems causing the outage globally - "Flapping" and "Switching Fabric" is beyond us .

    6. At around 3AM, our server turned back on without any issues and we could finally breath again.

    Just wanted to keep you updated! And as always, if you ever have any questions about Forno Bravo products that may go beyond community members, or, have any suggestions on Forum Design (we know allot of members like the 'Red' theme) feel free to contact us directly on our website! You're much appreciated!