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    Starting my oven. Should the vent be inside or outside the door?

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    Hi Douglas,

    Congratulations on taking the plunge! It will become addicting (in a very good way).

    If you haven't already, read the FB plans (several times) and go to the Newbie Forum and look at the builds compiled by lburou.

    I'm only a few months ahead of you, so I'm not the expert as others on this Forum. But to answer your question, the vent is on the outside of the door. Remember it's an oven and you want to maintain heat. A proper fitting door will accomplish that. Further, if the vent was inside the oven you would lose the heat up the vent and it would never reach the temps required to cook a proper pizza. With a properly insulated oven, and a properly fitted door, you can have a pizza party on Friday, and cook bread or Sunday dinner with the retained heat.

    Check out the builds on the link above. There are variations on the theme, but all give tremendous guidance.



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      I have never given the heat retention a thought. Meaning, the oven can retain temperatures if properly sealed for over 1 day?


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        If I wish to create a landing out side of the oven (in the midst of design phase and CMU construction) for food how best to approach this? Forno Bravo’s drawings show the door entry flush with the concrete hearth. Is it best to set back the oven and use the hearth as the basis of the landing or should I consider something else?


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          Welcome Douglas & Enriqueiv. As Cory noted in post #2, the link to some well documented builds in the forum will help you understand these ovens and their construction. Recently there was a thread started that has really good visuals on the oven layout and far only to the beginning of the dome construction, but worth a look.

          Enriqueiv, properly constructed, insulated (and fitted with insulated doors), these ovens will retain enough heat to roast meats and bake breads for several days after having a pizza party.

          Most people use some space in front of the oven (on the hearth slab) to build up a landing in front of the oven's actual opening/door reveal. So, yes, putting your oven back from the edge of the actual top slab (hearth) is more common now, especially with the second arch/smoke chamber funnel into the chimney which is outside the actual dome as Cory also noted in post #2.
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