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42" build in PEI,, Canada

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  • 42" build in PEI,, Canada

    So during a period of Covid 19 self-isolation I poured over the posts here on this great forum. I'm sure I can do this and am ready to get going, with concrete coming for the foundation on Monday. Thanks to Hunterworks, khate for posting on sourcing materials in Canada. I'll post all the info I have on this build blog as I go along.

    I really appreciate already all the expert advice on here, and I'm sure I'll have lots of questions, and hopefully some answers in time too.

    Here we go...

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      I haven't got the foundation poured yet but am planning ahead. I've made an IT tool, thanks to the ideas on this forum. I used a castor, and it will be adjustable - how do I know how much to adjust the IT tool as I move up the courses. Is it to just adjust a smidgen until I get the IT reduced by the amount by which it is raised off the oven floor as I reach the apex of the dome?


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        I got very lucky and got this from a local guy selling it cheaply, and I'll sell it after the job is done. I was reading about Mr. Chipster's jig, thanks mrchipster . So I am thinking that as the saw rotates and I can set the angle with an angle-finder tool for each course based on the spreadsheet, then I'll just have to make a plywood shim at the front of the sliding platform set at 5 degrees and hey presto? Is this right? I figure I won't have to make a hinged jig at all (because of the vertical angulation of the blade). Please let me know is this is wrong. Thanks.


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          Hey man nice work !
          I just finished my dome. I didn’t adjust the IT at all just set it flush with the floor at 21 inches and did the whole dome. Worked great. I didn’t build a JIg for cutting the bricks, but I did cut a 5 degree angle on all the bricks. Did you end up finding mortar ? I was happy with the one I used but I wish I had just made my own in the end because it was quite expensive and I think the home brew is better to work with. Feel free to email me any questions


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            JRPizza found that if you just do a partial bevel cut near the inside face of the brick then the inverted "V" can be minimized. Thus the need for compound full side cuts can be reduced. Look at his thread. Adjustable is helpful especially if you are doing a tapered inner arch or need to adjust for dreaded droop, Everything needs to be perfect if the IT is in a fixed position. As far as the pivot point off the floor level, you can recess the wood block (brick shape) lower in the floor to lower the pivot point. If you choose not to then this is where an adjustable IT comes into play.,
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              Thanks for that. I will create a wood brick so that the pivot point is at floor level.

              Regarding materials I wanted to let others in Eastern Canada know where I am getting my materials:
              Bricks - Shaw Brick have outlets in NB and NS, though it is $4 per brick right now! (weak Canadian dollar)
              Calcium Silicate board - Thermo 12 Gold sourced from Crossroads C&I Distributors in Dartmouth NS, though the product shipped from Toronto - $370 including delivery for 9 x 12" x36" boards 2" thick (had to buy a full box)
              Mortar - apparently all the local potters here get their fireclay from Tuckers pottery suppliers in Ontario. They will ship it, not too expensive.
              Hydrated lime - I think Home Hardware have it
              Refractory blanket - there is a refractory supplier in Moncton who have it - again, more than $300

              So the costs are adding up. I'm blaming some of it on the weak Canadian dollar after it dropped with oil prices recently.

              I suppose we won't be going on vacation this year due to Covid - so staycation it is + pizza.


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                Budget Options to reduce cost

                Still need fire brick floor

                P or Vcrete insulation under floor and on dome, 5 to 1 and 8 to 10 to one respectively.

                Homebrew cast oven over sand mold.
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                  Hi Padraig. Am from Halifax and just startin* the process of looking at making a pizza oven, wonder if our climate is a problem, especially with our freeze thaw cycles in February March and April. Graeme47


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                    Hi Maritimers. I am in Stratford, PE Just finished my casting over sand, it is turning out great so far, how did you get along with yours Padraig?