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help with water damage

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  • david s
    Don’t be in a rush to fill it because it provides an exit for moisture as it is now. If you haven’t already, drilling up from underneath, some holes through the supporting slab near the middle will provide an exit for underfloor moisture. Two or three 1/2” holes will suffice. But drill smaller pilot holes first to try and avoid any steel two. I am surprised FB have not latched onto this effective innovation.
    Once all the moisture has been expelled you can fill the hole. There is no need to use a high temperature mortar in that area as it doesn’t get that hot. It also appears that the steel ring around the supporting slab is not stainless. If so this is most unfortunate because it will have already started to corrode and there’s little you can do to remedy it.
    I could be wrong, but it also appears that there is blistering under the outer red coating. If so this is also caused by moisture under it..
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  • Rsantella
    started a topic help with water damage

    help with water damage

    I have a primavera and when I uncovered it for the spring today I found extensive water damage on the outside just above the steel rim, about 8 inches long, very wet, deep. Can I just build fires, dry out and repair with heat resistant mortar? Other ideas?

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