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Issues with Media?!?

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  • Issues with Media?!?

    not really sure where this should be put so I figured best place to ask was in the guidelines

    anywho when i click on a users profile they will have a media tab of all the pictures they've posted whether it be their project entirely or photos they've posted into others threads

    for some reason i can see the thumbnail when clicking the media tab but once I click on the file it says either media / photos not found or "no photos" even when they show before clicking that a user could have anywhere from 20 to 200 photos for viewing

    i've noticed this now on just about every profile i've clicked on to view their projects

    is this an issue with my "new member status" or a site issue?

    is there another way to view the photos?

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    Thanks for letting us know about this. I checked and it seems the problem is always associated with only the first thumbnail group and the coding indicates there may be an error in the name of the server/source called. I have notified the administrator and the other moderators, hopefully the admin can get this cleared up by the programmers soon.
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