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Photo editing software

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  • Photo editing software

    Share with the group how you reduce photo image size to fit under the 100KB maximum photo size, or share by email.

    I'm on a Mac and can do the following:

    1. In iPhoto, export your photo with a limited size. About 400x300 is less than 100KB,

    2. Download an inexpensive utility called GraphicConverter (about $25). You can set both the image pixel size, and image quality. If you want, you can display a larger photo (640x480 or more), with 80-90% image quality, and fit within the 100KB.

    3. Buy Fireworks (about $150 as part of Studio at the educational price). It does the same things.

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    what I have been using

    I have been using freeware called "FastStone Photo Resizer 1.4". It has allowed me to reduce the daughter's photo, yes the one that will put me in a nursing home, and has allowed me to put copyright marks on the photos that I post. It also allows for cropping. Fast learning curve, only got frustrated once when I didn't pay attention to what the software was telling me it was going to do and then it did it! Sorry, not Mac friendly.

    Publisher: FastStone Soft
    Date added: December 22, 2004
    License: Free
    Minimum requirements: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server
    Uninstaller included?: Yes

    I forget who pointed me to this particular software but I am quite happy with it.


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      Oh, boy


      Downloaded the software, and I'll cruise with it today. Tried to send you unedited bread pics yesterday (two separate emails), but I don't think you got them, because I also tried to send you an email today and it was kicked back us undeliverable. Should I resend the unedited pics of bread and tools or wait until I figure out the resizer?

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        my bad I forgot to add two numbers to the end of my email addy.
        ldiver61 @ yahoo . com (remove athe spaces)


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          Picasa works fine for me...

          Hi guys,

          just chanced upopn this discussion - I've downloaded the free Picasa program from Google. Among other things, it lets you export pictures in a much reduced size to send by e-mail. To try this feature, I'm attaching a picture of two sourdough bread loaves I baked when our electric oven still worked :-)


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            Ciao Carioca,

            Tutto a posto. Nice looking bread.

            Are you from Italy initially? Does your family have a brick oven there?
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              Re: Photo editing software

              I've got a ton of photos of my progress but can't post because the photos are ~ 2.5 meg each. I downloaded FastStone Photo Resizer 2.4. It reduced the pics to ~1.7 meg. Now what can I do?


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                Re: Photo editing software

                KC - I've been using this for the thumbnails. It's working for me.

                Online Image Resizer - Resize digital photo, images or pictures online!

                Check out my pictures here:

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                  Re: Photo editing software

                  KC - looks like Les has a quick solution. If more power is needed then FastStone will work. You need to go into the options and choose a smaller format.

                  I just looked at the web site FastStone Image Viewer, Screen Capture, Photo Resizer ... and I see that the software is updated and expanded. It looks like Resizer is a smaller version of Image Viewer


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                    Re: Photo editing software

                    Thanks guys! I'll change formats on my camera and try the thumbnail fix.

                    Will I be able to upload pics in the photo gallery?


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                      Re: Photo editing software

                      as soon as you get the size down the the max allowable the answer is yes. You are doing the hard part which is shrinking them down. Loading the up is quite simple just remember that the Max Size : 732.4 KB per photo if you upload to the photo gallery. Shoot for something slightly smaller and you should have no problems.

                      If you post on the forum i.e. in a message then a JPEG is limited to 97.7 KB


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                        Re: Photo editing software

                        I'll work on it tonight,


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                          Re: Photo editing software

                          Thanks guys, I changed the options in FastStone. It worked like a champ. I posted pics of my progress in the photo gallery


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                            Re: Photo editing software

                            Here is a Windows XP method........ not necessarily "conventional"

                            I used to work in PC support and have taught many a PC challenged user this one. Bearing in mind either they don't want to install/learn additional software or the company I worked for didn't allow additional software etc. So here is way you can get Windows XP to do it automatically for you......

                            -Right click on the image/s then select "Send to" then "Mail Recipient"
                            -Wait a moment and the "Send Pictures via E-mail" dialogue box pops up. Make sure the option "Make all my pictures smaller" is selected and then press "OK"
                            -Wait a moment while XP generates the email (including resized pictures).
                            -Once the email dialogue box pops up you will notice the pictures and their reduced sizes. 9 times out of 10 this fits in with the forum size limits.
                            -On the email (that its just generated) go to "File" then "Save Attachments"
                            The "Save attachments" dialogue box then appears which enables you to select where you want to put the picture/s.
                            -Once you have selected the folder from the "Save in" field click "Save" and then it will put the resized picture/s there. Check the file size and see if its re-sized to the size limits.

                            Note: you can actually set the reduction amount by going into the "Show more options" at the "Send Pictures via E-mail" dialogue.

                            If the whole thing doesn't work Google "Send Pictures via Email" as sometimes is simple to fix.....or get a PC savy mate to turn it on.

                            Within XP you can also get an Image resizer option that is available by right clicking the picture (thumbnail etc.). From memory its a Microsoft Powertoy....too lazy to Google it right now.......

                            Disclaimer: If it doesn't work for you or its too hard move on

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                              Re: Photo editing software

                              Hi Guys,
                              it surprises me that all of the pictures attached to many members postings when displayed are still very small and difficult to see the finer detail.
                              I am aware that many don't have the software for image manipulation of bitmap images, namely Adobe Photoshop, but it is available from numerous sources, some for free especially for earlier versions.
                              I have posted the procedure and sample pictures on the following forum link:
                              http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f14/...photos-90.html (permalink #6)
                              Try openning the pictures and lets know how they look when compared to some of these others. I normally reduce the original camera .jpeg image to 40 or 45cm width (as I believe that many people have 17"or larger screens) and then "save for web". At least the picture fills the screen (sometimes too large), but until I get complaints, will continue to supply large images with 72ppi resolution.
                              What do you think?

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