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Profile Pic...Why don't I see it?

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  • Profile Pic...Why don't I see it?

    Everyone seems to have a cool profile pic on their posts.

    My question, why doesn't my profile pic appear?
    Does it change on all the posts when you change it in your profile?
    I know that is not the emphasis of the forum, ( and I really
    appreciate that it is not) but I am curious.

    This may not be my last wood oven...

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    Re: Profile Pic...Why don't I see it?

    Lars, you may be confusing the Profile picture with the Avatar picture. Upload an avatar, and you'll be all set. It changes on all your posts when you upload/change it. I don't have a Profile pic, but it would only be visible when someone views your profile.

    Picasa web album
    Oven-building thread


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      Re: Profile Pic...Why don't I see it?

      Hey Thanks---

      I found avatar editing, etc.

      The outer shell is my next step. I think I am going to use all vermiculite and portland for the insulating layer. I think my oven use ( on this one) will be limited to short, hot, baking, and perhaps later, long low temp ( drying fruit) and it may be that insulation needs will be met by the 4 -5 " of vermiculite concrete.

      I like the fact that, although it is porous, it seems to kind of keep the water from water logging the stuff, after it has set. The inner layers may fail,but the outer shell I plan to make quite spherical with a stucco surface ( smooth)

      Anyway, I may become a laborer here on this post.


      ps. oops... peasant...
      This may not be my last wood oven...