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    Hello to all. My name is Geno and I live in Southwest Wyoming. I have known about Forno Bravo for a while and have lurked around the site every now and then. I have been totally enamoured by good pizza for a long time.

    I have been making my own pizza for over 3 years, after a year previous gathering information and educating myself. I have always wanted my own wood fired oven, as I think that would put my pizza over the top. I am now to the point where the smaller pizza joints that I used to like to eat at when out of town are now sub-par.

    I plan on building my own oven in the next year or so, saving up the money.

    Hope to learn alot about fireing and cooking with wood. I have ready all the ebooks previously and now I need to get and read version 2.0 of the oven book.

    Hope I can contribute as well as learn from everyone.