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How many WFO's in the US

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  • How many WFO's in the US

    I have been folowing FornoBravo for about a year now and built an oven from scratch thanks to all the info I got from the people on the websites forum which I am a part of. The question that I have is probably tough to answer but how many people do you figure own, whether they bought a kt or built from sctatch, WFOs in the US.
    Guy G.

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    Re: How many WFO's in the US

    I think it would be impossible to tell with any certainty. Forno Bravo, Woodstone, Mugani, et al, would keep their sales figures mum, as proprietary information, and as for hand built ones, it's even harder to track. Anyone can buy a firebrick, and I'm sure that most firebrick sales are going to masonry fireplaces and the like.
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      Re: How many WFO's in the US

      Am working on a project and I wanted to have some fgures. I agree but had to go through the motions. I will just say there are thousands perhaps 10's of thousands.
      Thank you