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    I am looking into building a oven in my yard and was wondering if anyone has ever built one putting in a ash door clean out like they have in fireplaces to clean them out? I was talking with a guy on line the other day and he said he built his that way and I was curious if anyone else had ever done this

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    Re: Oven Build

    The consensus is mostly that it's not worth the trouble. If your oven is primarily for pizza, there is a trivial amount of ash left the next day to shovel out. If you're primarily a bread baker, it might be worthwhile to have a way to dispose of hot cinders, particularly if your oven is indoors.

    There is also the matter that an ash drop in the landing area is pretty much in the way of your work area, and the most simple drop location gets in the way of the wood storage area.

    It's your oven, and you're welcome to build one if you want, but most of us think it's not worth the trouble.
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