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    Greetings Y'all!

    I built an oven based on a Casa 100 shell in the spring of 2005. My oven has an extra inch of refractory cement over the shell for extra mass. Heating for pizza usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Bread seems to work better with a minimum of an hour and a half (or more) to load more heat into the refractory.

    My main passion is bread though pizza is definitely an interest. I tend to make bread indoors using a cloche or a Hearthkit. (glad to offer comments on both) I generally don't want to make enough bread to reasonably fill the oven and thereby get the humidity one wants for a really great crust. I strongly prefer the brick oven for pizza!

    As an aside, I have a mill and make some of my own flour.

    I will be glad to share my experiences with the group.

    Happy Baking!

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    Hey Jay,
    Great to see you here! Now I get to see some photos of your beautiful bread.

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