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  • Hello from pakistan

    Hi guys, I am in the process of rebuilding my current pizza oven as it was built all wrong by the contractor. I need to work out the size of flue for the ovenl is there a formula for this.

    My oven is a rectangular one. The builder did not put any insulation and the oven gets very hot on the outside.. Plus he put a vent right in the centre of the oven on the roof, so I lose a lot of heat.

    Can someone please advise on how I can calculate the size of flue I need.



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    The rule of thumb I used was to have a flu area at least 10% of the area of the door opening. A little more might be better, and the height of the flu has a BIG effect on the draw.

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      Re: Hello from pakistan

      An eight inch flue over the entry of the oven is sufficient for most ovens.

      If you don't have insulation over your oven, you probably don't have any under it either. This may prove to be a chronic problem. I wish this was the first time we had heard about an "expert" building an oven without insulation and the flue in the wrong place.
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        Re: Hello from pakistan

        Thanks guys, I am putting in a 8 inch wide 17inch long flue, hope it works.