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Modeling The Oven Try One

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  • Modeling The Oven Try One

    Hi all,
    I have decided to build a brick oven. I am going to go at it by sourcing all the materials locally. I have two very good places within a couple miles that carry everything that will be needed.

    I have taken the time to try to model my oven in 3D as a way to work out some details in my head. The biggest thing is the chimney. If anyone could take a look at the linked video and give me some thoughts. I am trying to avoid an arched front, since I really don't like the look.


    YouTube - Jake's Brick Oven Version 1

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    Re: Modeling The Oven Try One

    Nice modeling. It's good to see the original half-brick, angle iron style is still in consideration. Not every oven needs to be a work of art.

    Your chimney will work better if you angle the bricks on the sides over the entry to form a "funnel" for your flue gasses.
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      Re: Modeling The Oven Try One

      Thanks for the sugggestion. I've attempted version two here:

      YouTube - ‪Jake's Brick Oven Version 2‬‏