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  • What a great site!

    I have been making home made pizza for some time now and use a pizza stone for a good crust. I never even thought of a backyard brick oven. Now i gotta have one. The craftsmanship that i have seen here is awesome. It is winter time here now so i am hoping next summer i can break ground. Possibly spend the winter planning and finding materials. I am sure i will be back with a million questions.

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    Re: What a great site!

    Welcome to the site. It is nice to have the winter to do planning. But if you are anything like me you will get a million ideas and only one oven. There are some great builds out there so take it all in.
    Good to see another builder here that understands cold winters.

    And ask for help, everyone here is a great resource.



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      Re: What a great site!

      Hi Moose! Welcome to the forum, you're definitely in the right place. Be sure to download the free plans and study them like crazy. After a few read-through's they will make sense.

      Forum Member Lee B. created a nice list of oven builds to review. It'll give you a good overview of the building process (mine's in there... just ignore it ):

      Let us know when you are ready to start. There are dozens of folks from all over the world ready to help!
      Ken H. - Kentucky
      42" Pompeii

      Pompeii Oven Construction Video Updated!

      Oven Thread ... Enclosure Thread
      Cost Spreadsheet ... Picasa Web Album


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        Re: What a great site!

        Now i gotta have one
        Ah, Moose! Now you've gone and done it! Verbalized your desires and there's no turning back! Only a coupla pieces of advice to add to Ken's and Chip's:

        1) If there's a missus, get her involved and most importantly, get her thoughts and opinions. As a partner in your project, she will not need to be referred to the Minister of Finance or She Who Must Be Obeyed. And although it is not formally written in the plans, the steadfast rule is: the guy cutting the bricks always has the last word.

        2) Try to put as much of your oven plans on paper and by all means get input on them. It's much easier to fix a plan than tear brick and mortar apart.

        3) Insulate, insulate, insulate! Above and below your oven so it looks like a cocoon.

        Lastly, ignore Ken's disclaimer:

        mine's in there... just ignore it
        Ken's oven was the first WFO I ever saw (YouTube) and I must have watched it a dozen times until I finally convinced myself I could build something like his. It's a true exercise in craftsmanship.

        Welcome and remember to take lotsa pics



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          Re: What a great site!

          Great replies and thanks for the warm welcome.
          Like i said i can make a mean pizza, but the ultimate comes from a WFO.
          Besides the food i think the structure itself is unique and interesting.
          Especially in Wyoming! I would be surprised if there were more than a handful of these in the whole state. I definitely have the bug. I know how i am once i get the bug i might as well start saving and scrounging. Cause i will not let it go till i have one. Wish i wasn't that way actually. I will read and study all i can. This is such a great resource. I am excited.