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Question on Metal Liner for Oven

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  • Question on Metal Liner for Oven

    Hi, I am new to the pizza oven design and have been doing research on them. I am looking to build a 32" domed oven and my question is could I build the dome out of 1/4" mild steel plate and then put refractory cement around it. I am an industrial sheet metal worker so building this would not be a problem. I have looked everywhere and cannot find anything about it. I am guessing its because most people do not have access to the equipment that I do so brick is the commonly used product. I work in large gas burners that are metal lined and they work well so I am wondering if I could transfer that to a pizza oven. The floor would be out of fire brick and then I would cover the whole thing with a metal enclosure. Any advice or thoughts are appreciated. Daren

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    Re: Question on Metal Liner for Oven


    I would suggest you check out the "Other Oven Types" section and look for my thread "Steel Dome Oven". There have been several WFOs built on this idea. The problem of late seems to be the high value of scrap steel. The WFO I built as well as several others used hemispherical ends or halves of spherical propane tanks that were condemned. The result being the condemned propane tanks do not last long in the scrap yards. If you have the means by which you can fabricate a dome, I can attest that the idea is sound and the resulting WFO can be a crack free alternative to a traditional brick oven.



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      Re: Question on Metal Liner for Oven

      Thanks Wiley, I did find that section last night. It was very helpful. I built the metal stand and pan to pour a floor in last night and am going to start the domed burner tonite. I will continue reading up on it and am looking forward to completing this project and using it. Daren